Inside the Artists' Studio

Our creative studio is filled with a love of art, combined with imagination, curiosity and passion. Our team of highly skilled artists, designers and craftspeople explore materials, techniques, interpret trends and innovate every day.

Floating Flowers


Our award winning "Floating Flowers" 3D wallcovering literally lifts off the wall! By printing the wallcovering’s floral embellishments on clear acrylic and mounting them on top of the mural; it creates a simple little trick of the eye, where one is left feeling up-lifted and light!

Serene Blossom

Accompanying our 3D wallcovering was a neon framed original piece developed by our in-house studio artists and designers.   



Framed in neon pink plexiglass, this piece glowed as if illuminated from backlighting. After printing onto canvas, small embellishments were inserted, enhancing a 3D effect. An artisan touch with a beautiful impact!