Our creative studio is filled with a love of art, combined with imagination, curiosity and passion. Our team of highly skilled artists, designers and craftspeople explore materials, techniques, interpret trends and innovate every day.

Bob The Cheetah

Painted by hand, the cheetah sits still against a multi-colored backlit acrylic circle. This L.E.D. piece delivers a dramatic statement that reminds the viewer of the majestic nature of this exotic creature.


Feel the cool winds and hear the peaceful streams this Japanese inspired piece evokes. The hand-painted brush strokes of the garden offer an artisan style that is contrasted by the multilayered substrates and black hexagon shaped frame.



Trust your instinct! From the depths of the wild jungle, this eccentric graphic printed on dibond has arrived. Juxtaposing concepts, glamorous meets exotic, creating an exhilarating piece.


Soft indigo and violet tones dominate this piece with delicate watercolor strokes flowing across the canvas. A frosted acrylic frames the artwork and complements the piece beautifully.



Blooming paper florals come to life in this modern hexagon frame. Delicate artisanal forms are hand-crafted from paper to create a subtle movement that enchants the viewer. 


Tiger Flora

Tiger-like stripes in blues, greys, and pinks dance across a piece of hexagon glass. The brush strokes on painted acrylic glass add an alluring depth and intrigue. 


Mons Aurora

A showpiece made of layered glass depicts a soft landscape of translucent mountains. Pushing artistic boundaries "Mons Aurora" offers a multi-layered experience full of magic and wonder.

Leaf Play

This botanically inspired piece exudes a tropical luxe presence. The opaque imagery printed onto an acrylic surface with Sintra backing produces an artwork that exudes a soft luster and elegant beauty.

Dream Land

Dare to dream! This three-layered printed mirror transports the viewer into a daydream. The observer's reflection and surroundings become part of the piece composing a new experience each time.



It's a jungle out there! Luminous colors blend beautifully through this alluring composition featuring exotic elements. Printed on a hexagon mirror allows the viewer to become a part of the art. 

Slice of Life

Framed in neon pink acrylic, this piece glows as if illuminated from behind. A simple concept, yet graphically beautiful. The flowers peel away from the canvas in a playful fashion.



Get swept away by the shimmering waves in this quiet piece. Brushstrokes echoed with glistening embellishments created with "Diamond Dust" results in an otherworldly experience for the viewer.



Capturing history in a refreshing and elegant fashion, this vintage print of a geisha has been revitalized. The portrait was split into sixteen separate imagesEach image was printed on a clear acrylic panel and framed with a mirror backing; the “burnt” areas of the image are free of ink thus exposing the mirror backing. The observer’s reflection and surroundings become part of the piece adding dynamic textures and colors.


A take on our lenticular art, the Color Burst project took the idea of using three related images and recomposing them in different ways. The result is dynamic with the main image mounted on the front and different complimentary artwork being revealed on the sides as you walk by. In this piece of work perspective is everything!


Living in a world that is immersed in technology, it’s only natural for our art to reflect it. This 3D piece represents the digital abstraction present in our culture today. It was inspired by our piece “Color Burst” and taken in a new direction with the addition of background and mirrors.


A window into another world! Using an LED panel behind acrylic prints; an illusion of depth is created through the diffusion of light. The box frame is also made with acrylic panels to give the piece a consistent aesthetic.

LED panels can also be used behind a single acrylic panel for a more subtle sophisticated look. The result ramps up this watercolor abstract from flat to gorgeous glow!


This piece tells a story through progression much like a flipbook; revealing a growing or withering tree as the viewer moves from one end to the other. Ethereal trees have been constructed using multiple printed acrylic sheets mounted on a wall support piece.


The intention behind these pieces was to fuse classical expression and modern popular culture. The juxtaposition between the hyperrealistic traditional painting style of the portraits and the contemporary elements printed on the acrylic relief creates a striking 3D effect.


A portrait created to celebrate our founder Esther Cohen, the recipient of the 2018 NEWH Icon of Industry Award. Esther adores the work of Andy Warhol and as a matter of fact, has some of his original prints in her personal collection! Therefore, it is no surprise that this commemorative portrait was designed to pay homage to one of her favorite artists. A clear printed acrylic sheet was set overlayed on top of the canvas to add a modern 3D element.


A fusion between 2D and 3D artwork, this piece echoes the spirit of 5th avenue in New York City. A small photograph of the shopping district was affixed to a large canvas with black and white graffiti to invoke an urban ambiance. A sheet of yellow acrylic adds a third dimension and a big pop of color!


Inspired by mirror shards, this piece elevates a typical landscape artwork to a new level. The image was printed on acrylic layers; edited to form a cohesive composition between the overlapping triangles. The three shapes were then mounted using standoffs to add different depths to the overall artwork.


Lenticular Art consists of 3 graphics that transition from one fun image to the other all in one piece of artwork!



Our lenticular art piece at the 2018 Boutique Design West Trade Fair was the winner of the Best Product Design Award! Inspired by street style and flashing neon lights, our piece transforms from a sleek and sophisticated portrait to an explosion of vibrant color and expressive line-work.

The latest concept for three way lenticular art explores the principle of movement. We were inspired by the pioneer of motion photography Eadweard Muybridge and his famous series "Horse in Motion."


A modern take on the old masters. This famous Gauguin painting was dipped in paint, leaving the viewer’s imagination to run wild



The piece was printed on wood, laser cut into triangles, then placed back together with a visual rhythm. For an additional dimension, a series of painted triangles were attached above the image.



The collage was made from a mix of materials including acrylic, canvas, mirror, ceramic, wood and dinnerware.