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Valerie Queen was born in Russia. She graduated from the Pedagogical University with a Master degree in Art History. For 12 years she worked at City Hall as an Executive Assistant in the Ministry of Culture. Valerie moved to Canada a few years ago and decided to combine her knowledge of art and passion for woodworking. She started to create her 3D works and show a new vision of Art. She works with different species of wood (maple, oak, poplar, pine, cedar cherry, walnut) and each element of her work is handmade and unique. Wood is like her paintbrush. She is mixing wood texture and colors to get a final dynamic and colorful composition full of emotions and self expression. Taking inspiration from traveling, nature and modern design she creates pieces to suit any interiors. Her art pieces show an instinctive understanding of the emotive properties of colors. And the 3D dimension gives a feeling of forms and texture. Through her work the artist gives an opportunity to explore wood and colors as a subject in its own. Valerie found herself in what she is doing and she is happy to share her art compositions with people.
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