Valeria Mravyan

Valeria Mravyan was born and spent her formative years in Moscow, Russia and has resided in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and two children since the early 1990's. Her late father was an avant-garde artist while her mother was a linguist and writer.

Her works have been exhibited in galleries across the globe including  the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Arts (Japan), Frankfurt Messe (Germany), Chagall House (Israel), Krimsky Most Gallery (Russia), Montserrat Gallery (NY, USA), and Los Gatos Museum of Art (CA, USA).

Industry professionals find her paintings to have a delicate touch of classical Russian constructivism.  Her works demonstrate the symbiosis between how a painting looks and how it feels. Through abstract landscapes, Valeria strives to evoke the universal familiarity of a foggy day or a dramatic sunset.