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Valeria Mravyan

The idea behind Valeria Mravyan’s art is to capture the abstract feeling of the urban and country nature, its moods influenced by time, by sun, fog, sunsets and rain. These images evoke a universal familiarity; they depict life, drama, comfort and awe without specifically representing any one of these. It is well known how it looks, Valeria paints how it feels.

“I am very lucky to be able to paint every day. My colors are my music. They allow me to express the emotions of excitement and happiness, disappointment and sorrow, the warmth of a bright autumn day, the purity of a cold winter morning or the hope of a grey city evening. My paintings reflect the musical rhythms of the universe with its equal parts pain and joy.”

Mravyan was instinctively drawn to painting as a child growing up in Russia. Early on, she was inspired by the atmosphere in her home, which was always filled with music. She studied art composition for textile design at two of Moscow’s prestigious art colleges, the Industrial Art College and the Textile Institute, and spent the earlier stages of her artistic career creating contrasting abstract images through tapestries and batiks. Her art designs were incorporated in fabrics produced by well-known experts at textile companies. Through her entire artistic life, Valeria has experimented with many media; namely oils, acrylic, watercolours, pastels and mixed media. Since 1987 she has exhibited her work in Toronto, New York, Los Gatos California; Haifa, Tokyo, Moscow and Frankfurt. Since moving to Canada in the early 1990’s, Valeria’s canvas has been illuminated with brilliant vivid colours to capture the Canadian abstract landscape. Valeria captures the changeability of light and weather over the course of a day; her impressions of fresh clear morning light can segue into a golden, muted late-afternoon glow over burnished trees.

Valeria Mravyan is living and working in her art studio of Artist’s House in the heart of old village of Kleinburg, ON. Her artworks are in corporate, religious institutions and private collections.

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