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Nicole, is an award winning collage artist currently living and working in Toronto. She studied drawing and painting at OCAD University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. She may have previously identified as a painter, she discovered her passion for traditional cut and paste collage and fell in love with this artistic method. And although she have for the most part left painting behind she still use its essential influences to create her current pieces.

My fixation with dreams and the subconscious has caused me to create artwork that is both unusual and surreal. Within each collage I aim to create a particular world and a unique narrative that can challenge one’s deepest beliefs, thoughts, and fears. The themes I try to explore most frequently include relationships, family dynamics, feminism, and Western cultural precepts. For the most part, the images come from my large collection of vintage magazines and used books. The arrangement of such diverse images is a romantic process based on what I believe to be objective chance, which can produce meaningful and mystical insight.  

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