Mary Hanson

Mary Hanson spent her childhood on a sheep and wheat farm near a dry and dusty little town in the Australian outback.  With few playmates and no distractions from the outside world, she absorbed the colours and lines within the boundaries of her horizons.  A theme of isolation marks her enduring relationship with that stark landscape and each piece is infused with a sense of colour unique to those early experiences.

Although a career in music brought her to North America, Mary’s strength and interest in visual art eventually lead to work in film and interior design.  In the 90’s she apprenticed with a decorative artist who specialized in the traditional art of gilding. Many years were spent applying metallic leaf to ceilings, walls, frames, and furniture, before Mary was drawn back to her early love of painting.  Her affinity for the shiny metal foil began to show itself in her work as little bits of silver and gold crept into the paintings and soon took over to become by far the main ingredient.Mary Hanson lives in Toronto, Canada and has exhibited in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal  as well as Madison Wisconsin, Miami Beach Florida and Sydney Australia.