Katya Trischuk

Katya Trischuk is a well established artist living and working in Toronto. She is PI Creative artist for past 10 years. Her work also shown in PI Fine Art gallery, large abstracts Acrylic on canvas, modern trendy artwork that is very current with interior trends. Katya is a Ryerson University SID school of interior design Graduate. With years of experience in the industry she have a knowledge and understanding how art work makes space complete. In 2007 Katya won Award of Merritt for Minto project Spring Ganders on Shepard Ave. sales center.

Today Katya focusing on art full time. As a strong colorist she deliver a beautiful compositions on canvas. Instantiations comes easy and from most basic things in life: gardening, nature, weekend road trips, kids toys, colorful clothing, art objects to name a few. Currently artist working on the new floral – botanical over-sized collection, and her favorite subject abstracts. New pallet of changing leafs first snow, sunsets and fogy mornings.