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Based in Woodstock, Ontario, Julie feels as though she discovered her talent and passion a bit later in life than most creatives. Holding a degree in Interior Design from Humber College, Julie left this practice behind, searching for more creative inspiration. It wasn’t until she was convinced by friends and family to show her passion to the world that painting quickly became her full time career. Her first job started with a 15 piece collection for an upscale health facility in London, Ontario.

Other than London, Julie’s art pieces can be found in many different cities, in private collections internationally. From art fairs, to runways and interior design exhibitions, Julie’s work has been seen in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, as well as Los Angeles and New York City. Partnering with Camouflage Heater, a company that produces infrared heating systems, customers are given the option to use one of Julie’s designs as the imagery on the glass surface of the heater.
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