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John Ferri

My work consists primarily of finding narratives in public environments. I use elements of street photography, digital collage and graphic design to examine the interplay of people in constructed spaces – real and imagined. My intention is to capture the forces that shape, direct and sometimes overwhelm the human form. Themes of solitude, dignity and the search for significance are central.

The initial impulse in all my work is observational. I’m fascinated by movement, in the subtle choreography of an act as simple as walking. Even though I often shoot photos of my subjects from overhead, the intent is not to spy or intrude but to observe their humanity. Their vulnerability in the circumstance is a thing of beauty, and works as a counterpoint to the fact that, increasingly, most images taken of us in public spaces are the result of the darker motivations of the surveillance culture – which promises protection but implies a threat. In stripping away all but essentials, my work seeks to sharpen the focus on human narratives, not institutional ones.