Jacques Descoteaux

Jacques Descoteaux was an accountant by day, and an artist by night for over 25 years. This may sound to be contradictory, but in reality, for Jacques there are many similarities. "The accountant and the artist both need structure, discipline and curiosity". Jacques has no formal art degree, but has studied under a number of professional artists, including a pastel master class with Wolf Kahn at the National Academy in New York. In Toronto, he's studied with Barry Coombs, Susan Low-Beer and Jacqueline Treloar. From watercolour to pastel to oil paints and a few other media interspersed through the years, his painting style has evolved over time, but it’s always been influenced by his first studies in watercolour. he likes to work in thin, diluted layers of paint reminding him of the time he spent in James Bay. There, he fell in love with the simple, stark landscapes, and the massive skies. Years later, this would have a definite influence on his paintings, specifically these we are showcasing in the gallery.