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Blair Paul

Blair was born in Almonte, Ontario in 1951. He later went on to attend The Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, and graduated with honours from the Fine Art program in 1974. An interest in education took him to Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario where he graduated with honours from the Technological Studies Program in 1984. Courses in Art History were later completed at Carleton University, Ottawa and in 1986 he became a member of The Ontario Society of Artists, Toronto.

He have worked in various ways with a wide range of subject matter, from the realistic symbols of nature to the abstract configurations of paint splattered, thrown, dripped and scraped. Scraps of paper fastened to paint sometimes express feelings of a totally different sort. He only hope that what he does has some positive effect upon the audience. The act of creation and the innate desire to do so is truly mysterious...this mystery is not clear to him, but he continue to participate.